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OWN IT !!!

One of the biggest sermons I always preach to my clients is “Make Sure You Own Everything You Are Working For.” This statement and personal creed can have different meanings dependent on your industry and/or product or service you provide.

Whether it is providing an interactive platform for designers, such as the HFR website, or if you are the next Tracy Reese, Sarah Burton or Sammy B, you should OWN everything you create. There is VALUE in that name you associate with your brand, there is VALUE in the content you provide to the masses and there is VALUE in your contacts. This VALUE should not be given away and/or provided without a cost.

Three words a business owner should be familiar with include (i) Incorporation, (ii) Trademark and (iii) Copyright. Entrepreneurs and designers in the fashion industry should recognize the depth of worth encompassed in their creations and with that, seek to protect their investments of time and creativity.

As a contributor to the site, I will seek to provide practical business and legal affair advice that may assist in your endeavors in not only the fashion sector, but also any other avenue you may pursue !

NEXT WEEK: Incorporation and Entity Organization

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